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The Anthology of Irish Folk Tales
published by the History Press Ireland April 2020. It includes two stories from each of Steve’s Folklore Collections and two from Irish Gothic – Fairy Stories from the 32 Counties of Ireland by Steve Lally and Paula Flynn Lally

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Irish Gothic CoverYou have been warned …
On the island of Ireland there are four provinces and within these are thirty-two counties. Each county and its people have their own traditions, beliefs and folklore.
Every county is also inhabited by ‘The Sidhe’ an ancient race, which some believe descended from fallen angels, whilst others say are the descendants of Celtic Deities. They go by many names, The Good Folk, The Wee Folk, The Gentle People and The Fey, but are most commonly known as ‘The Fairies’.

They are by no means the whimsical fairies of Victorian and Edwardian picture books. In fact they are feared and revered in equal measure and even in the 21st century are spoken of in hushed tones, for they’re always listening.

Storyteller Steve Lally and his wife Singer/Songwriter Paula Flynn Lally have compiled this magnificent collection of magical fairy stories from every county in Ireland. The book is filled with wonderful illustrations, which bring these stories to life that will both enthrall and terrify the reader for generations to come.

Published by History Press Ireland 2018.

Price: £19.99
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