See some recommendations below from people who have hired and observed Steve telling.


“Steve Lally has been coming to our centre for a number of years. He is a most enthusiastic and dynamic storyteller. He is able to engage with a wide age range of children and his use of ‘props’ especially the didgeridoo, further enhances the interaction with our patients.”
Play Development Coordinator


“Steve is an inspirational storyteller. He engages both young and old in his tales of magic, mystery and everyday life. I have seen children who are seriously ill, laughing with sheer joy when they are listening to his stories. In an increasingly digital age, Steve is an amazing advertisement for the healing power of simply listneing to a tale well told.”

Michele Godfrey
Principal, Belfast Hospital School


“The feedback we get from parents, children and staff is consistently high. Having seen Steve in action, I can confirm that his storytelling and tale weaving is magical. He has the ability to transport adults, teens and children alike into an imaginary world and let you forget where you are for a while, whilst also leaving you with a little something to ponder on when it’s all finished. Steve is a pleasure to work with and we are very proud to have him on the Readathon team of professional storytellers.”

Cherry Land
Operations Manager


“What a joy it was to watch Steve Lally telling Stories at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. From the outset there was a mischievous sparkle so  that the children were immediately at one with him. You could see by looking at them that they were trapped in his story while the hospital went on around them. This man is a genius with stories and I look forward to seeing him with a bigger audience.”

Graham Langley
Artistic Director, Traditional Arts Team


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