Steve’s Story


Steve Lally has worked as a storyteller and visual artist for over fifteen years. He writes his own fresh material as well as re-imagining folk tales, myths, legends, recitations and story songs, leading participatory storytelling and arts workshopsLally’s repertoire of tales ranges from ancient Celtic epics of Ireland and beyond, stories of adventure and romance. His faith and love of the fairy folk expresses itself through humorous anecdotes, quirky comic tales and haunting ghost stories and even sings the odd song ot two.

Although now based in Northern Ireland he grew up in rural Co. Kildare where he gathered stories like corn and stored them away for later years. His late Grandmother, a seanchaí, was a huge influence on his storytelling. He brings his stories far and wide and is passionate about breathing life into this vital and significant art form.

With a great sense of style and a masterful presence, he can draw an audience into the drama and magic at the heart of a story. His deftly woven words capture them in an instant be they the youngest child or the oldest man who has heard every story ever told.

His delivery is vibrant, expressive and animated and his love for the art of storytelling is evident. If he enters an empty room he is sure to leave it full of magic, wonder, maybe even a few fairy folk.

Steve Lally is one of Northern Ireland’s representatives for The Storytellers of Ireland.